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500Kw Commercial and Industrial Ready Solution


500Kw Kommersiya və sənaye üçün hazır sistem

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The electricity generated by the solar panels provides the facility’s own consumption. If the generating capacity of the solar power plant exceeds the consumption of the facility, the excess energy is “feeded” to the public grid, if the system does not produce enough, the missing energy is consumed from the public grid. The tariff is paid at the end of each month for the surplus of electricity produced (for the positive difference between the plant’s production and the facility’s consumption).

  1. Solar panels “Canadian Solar” 550W – 910 panels
  2. Solar inverter BNT050KTL Afore, 3 phases, 50 kVt, 3 MPPT, installation of WiFi modules – 7 pieces
  3. Mounting system – 1 set
  4. Consumables – 1 set
  5. MC4 Cables for solar panels – 1 set
  6. Cables for solar panels – 8000 meters
  7. Set of protective automation – 1 set
  8. Mounting

Preliminary project evaluation

  • Site visit;
  • Assessment of the facility’s potential;
  • Document analysis;
  • Preparation of the initial commercial proposal based on the collected data.

Pre-project and design work

  • Clarification of primary data;
  • Preparation of design estimates;
  • Approval of design estimates;


  • Solar panels, polycrystalline, from the TOP-10 world market leaders (Canadian Solar, Trina, Jinko, JAsolar, Risen, Longi, Suntech, etc.)
  • Inverter equipment from TOP-10 world market leaders (ABB, Huawei, Growatt, Fronius, SMA, Must, etc.)

Solar mounting system

Protection and automation system, cable products, consumables

  • Distribution equipment;
  • DC protection system;
  • AC protection system;
  • Cable on the DC side;
  • Side AC cable;
  • Expendable materials.

* Attention! This offer is for information only, each project is calculated individually to obtain the best savings results. The capacity of the installation indicates the amount of electricity that the installation will produce per hour under ideal conditions.

* This system configuration is basic and can be changed under special conditions.

* During the year of operation, the power generation of the plant will be approximately 625 MWh (625,000 kWh).

* The cost of delivery of equipment for facilities outside of Baku is taken into account additionally

* Equipment and prices are approximate, each project is calculated individually for specific conditions and tasks;

* Actual power is subject to actual weather conditions and may vary within ±15%;


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