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The Solarwind company specializes in the selection and installation of equipment for the effective use of alternative energy sources: solar and wind. Certified specialists in the field of renewable energy working in the company are ready to consult, pick up equipment and prepare a commercial proposal for any object. The accumulated experience allows us to implement highly effective projects with minimal costs.

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Autonomous communication stations

The solution is a hybrid power system with solar panels and low speed...
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Ready solutions

Ready-made systems are the optimal sets of equipment that we have...
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Project financing

For the first time in the practice of Azerbaijan’s alternative...
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Green tariff

The “Green tariff” is a mechanism for renewable energy sources, which...
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Service maintenance

Preventive maintenance and service maintenance of systems. Any system...
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Installation supervision

If you have your own specialists who are able to carry out the...
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Quality installation

Installation is one of the components of success in the installation...
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Selection and sale of equipment

Over the years, our specialists have learned from their own...
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Individual design

Equipment performance must be maximized. To improve it, our engineers...
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Energy audit of objects

Survey of the potential location for the installation of equipment...

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We strive to meet the needs of the energy sector by analyzing the energy potential well, trying to increase production capacity, especially in the field of solar and wind energy, and providing the necessary engineering, service and repair services during and after energy installation. systems (solar, wind, etc.)

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