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Green tariff

The “Green tariff” is a mechanism for renewable energy sources, which is based on three main factors: a guarantee of connection to the network, a long-term contract for the purchase of electricity, a surcharge on the cost of electricity produced. Our company has multiple experience of connecting the “green tariff” in a short time and provides the service.

Green tariff

What is a “Green tariff” in Azerbaijan? It is a mechanism that stimulates the use of renewable energy sources. You install a solar power plant in a private house, enterprise, facility or on your other territory and enter into an agreement with the state, according to which it is obliged to buy excess energy produced from you.


First of all, you need to deal with the equipment: solar panels are not universal, before installation, you need to consult a specialist who will select a model specifically for your private house or other territory. Even if your private house consumes much less energy, it makes sense to connect maximum power equipment – this will bring more profit, since the state buys absolutely all the excess electricity.

For an accurate calculation of the generated and spent solar energy, a bidirectional meter with a GSM\GPRS communication module is installed on the object. Such a device transmits data on your energy turnover to Azerishig. Usually, data transfer is made every half an hour and at the end of the month is summed up in the total figure of generated and used energy. You are responsible for choosing the meter model, and Azerishig is responsible for data transfer. With the question of selecting a meter, it is best to contact the specialists who are engaged in connecting equipment to your facility, they will select the best option.

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