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Autonomous communication stations

The solution is a hybrid power system with solar panels and low speed wind turbine technology that is designed to be installed on top of existing telecom tower infrastructure to provide clean power and reduce tower reliance on diesel generators.

There is an urgent need for alternative energy sources in the telecommunications industry. This sector currently relies mainly on diesel generators to power telecom towers. To solve this problem, Solarwind offers an innovative wind turbine technology that can be installed on any telecommunications tower and powers the antennas that transmit the digital signals (3G/4G/5G) used in our daily lives. This solution reduces diesel consumption and helps reduce the carbon footprint of the telecommunications industry, which has millions of telecom towers around the world.

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Ready solutions

Ready-made systems are the optimal sets of equipment that we have selected for you so that it is convenient to navigate the price and understand what is included in the system delivery. These solutions are a constructor, which includes all the necessary components for both self-assembly and installation with the help of qualified specialists.

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Project financing

For the first time in the practice of Azerbaijan’s alternative energy sector, Solarwind offers flexible financing terms based on leasing of ready-made alternative energy systems.
The company prepares technical and economic information about the project, the use of equipment, the involvement of technologies and the estimated cost of the project.
The term of project leasing can be from 3 to 10 years (depending on the financial components of the project)
The initial contribution of the project cost is 30%
The annual leasing rate for the remaining amount is 12% per annum
The leasing review procedure begins after a detailed analysis of the project’s energy map.
To consider and apply for leasing, you need to contact the company to clarify the details of the project.
Mobile: +994775204147 / Whatsapp – Wechat
Office: +994123425500, +994123428800

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Green tariff

The “Green tariff” is a mechanism for renewable energy sources, which is based on three main factors: a guarantee of connection to the network, a long-term contract for the purchase of electricity, a surcharge on the cost of electricity produced. Our company has multiple experience of connecting the “green tariff” in a short time and provides the service.

Green tariff

What is a “Green tariff” in Azerbaijan? It is a mechanism that stimulates the use of renewable energy sources. You install a solar power plant in a private house, enterprise, facility or on your other territory and enter into an agreement with the state, according to which it is obliged to buy excess energy produced from you.


First of all, you need to deal with the equipment: solar panels are not universal, before installation, you need to consult a specialist who will select a model specifically for your private house or other territory. Even if your private house consumes much less energy, it makes sense to connect maximum power equipment – this will bring more profit, since the state buys absolutely all the excess electricity.

For an accurate calculation of the generated and spent solar energy, a bidirectional meter with a GSM\GPRS communication module is installed on the object. Such a device transmits data on your energy turnover to Azerishig. Usually, data transfer is made every half an hour and at the end of the month is summed up in the total figure of generated and used energy. You are responsible for choosing the meter model, and Azerishig is responsible for data transfer. With the question of selecting a meter, it is best to contact the specialists who are engaged in connecting equipment to your facility, they will select the best option.

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Service maintenance

Preventive maintenance and service maintenance of systems. Any system eventually requires diagnostics. After-sales service is a set of measures to prevent the system, identify sources of losses, weak links in the system, as well as a general assessment of efficiency with recommendations for improving it.

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Installation supervision

If you have your own specialists who are able to carry out the installation on their own, we can provide information and consulting support and check the quality of the equipment installation. Our specialist will visit the site several times, consult the installation team, provide all the documentation, and also strictly check the quality of the work performed when the equipment is put into operation.

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Quality installation

Installation is one of the components of success in the installation of high-tech equipment. Our experts have more than a hundred installed objects on various types of roofing and in the form of free-standing systems. Our company provides a guarantee for the installation of all equipment at the facility.

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Selection and sale of equipment

Over the years, our specialists have learned from their own experience the advantages and disadvantages of various brands and types of equipment. We are interested in selecting and selling only high-quality equipment that will not cause problems during operation.

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Individual design

Equipment performance must be maximized. To improve it, our engineers prepare an individual project specifically for your facility, taking into account all the technical features. If necessary, after the commissioning of the facility, extended project documentation is provided.

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Energy audit of objects

Survey of the potential location for the installation of equipment and evaluation of the rationality of the use of various types of equipment. The result of the energy audit is drawn up in the form of a commercial offer with a scientific justification for the rationality of using the equipment included in the package.