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Autonomous communication stations

The solution is a hybrid power system with solar panels and low speed wind turbine technology that is designed to be installed on top of existing telecom tower...
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Ready solutions

Ready-made systems are the optimal sets of equipment that we have selected for you so that it is convenient to navigate the price and understand what is included in...
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Project financing

For the first time in the practice of Azerbaijan’s alternative energy sector, Solarwind offers flexible financing terms based on leasing of ready-made...
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Green tariff

The “Green tariff” is a mechanism for renewable energy sources, which is based on three main factors: a guarantee of connection to the network, a long-term contract...
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Service maintenance

Preventive maintenance and service maintenance of systems. Any system eventually requires diagnostics. After-sales service is a set of measures to prevent the...
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Installation supervision

If you have your own specialists who are able to carry out the installation on their own, we can provide information and consulting support and check the quality of...
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Quality installation

Installation is one of the components of success in the installation of high-tech equipment. Our experts have more than a hundred installed objects on various types...