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More effort needed in Solar PV generation

Solar PV generation increased by a record 179 TWh (up 22%) in 2021 to...
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Solar PV still dominates renewable energy capacity additions despite rising prices

Even with surging commodity prices increasing manufacturing costs for...
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Wind electricity increased a record amount, but more effort is needed

In 2021 wind electricity generation increased by a record 273 TWh (up...
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Hydrogen energy storage gas tank in meadow environment.

Global hydrogen demand continues to grow but faster action is needed to reach Net Zero Emissions target by 2050

The momentum behind hydrogen remained strong over the past year. Nine...
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Wind will grow faster than over the previous five years

Onshore wind additions through 2026 are set to be almost 25% higher on...
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Hydrogen is an increasingly important piece of the net zero emissions by 2050 puzzle

The key pillars of decarbonising the global energy system are energy...